Organic Mattresses of all Sizes

Choosing your mattress size is a matter of knowing what (1) makes you comfortable and (2) the space you have available within your room. Organic mattresses come in basic sizes. Find just the right size of mattress comfortably fits you within the available space in your room. Here are the most common mattress sizes available:

  • Twin
    Organic twin bed mattress measure 39×75 inches (99×190 centimeters). Sometimes referred to as “single bed,” a twin bed can comfortably sleep one average full-grown person.
  • Full
    Bull size bed mattresses come at around 54×75 inches (137×191 centimeters). Full beds are also referred to as “double beds,” but they are 30% wider than single beds. A double bed can fit 2 people comfortably, which makes it ideal for couples.
  • Queen
    A queen size mattress measures about 60×80 inches (152×203 cm). They are wider and longer than double bed mattresses, which makes them more adequate for 2 people, with more room for tossing and turning.
  • King
    the king of bed sizes, organic king size mattress measure a whopping 72×84 inches (198×203 centimeters). They are often seen in master bedrooms and areas with enough space to fit.

Organic mattresses come in all sizes imaginable, including less conventional dimensions for those with unique bedding needs. Find a supplier offering you the proper size of organic mattress and the best quality products to complete your organic bed set-up.