Organic Mattresses Must Follow GOTS Standards

Organic mattresses and other organic materials are regulated and labeled according to various policies and programs. One of the most important certifications that you should look for in organic mattress labels is approval from the GOTS or the Global Organic Textile Standard. National Organic Program standards and policies apply to organic fibers and fabrics like cotton, hemp, wool, flax, and other natural fibers. However, their post-harvest processing standards only apply to food and not organic fibers.

While programs like the Department of Agriculture’s NOP or National Organic Program are also used as formal policies, the GOTS remain to be the gold standard for these kinds of organic products. The GOTS sets very specific standards for the post-harvest period or processing of the organic fiber products used in the manufacturing of non-food products, such as organic fabrics and other mattress and bedding components. The GOTS is therefore the certification to look for in labels of organic mattresses, because it guarantees that the product you are buying is regulated not only from the beginning of the growing process, but also through the entire processing of the end product you will actually be using. This said, any GOTS-certified product that is sold in the US must also be produced using raw materials that have been NOP-certified. In essence, the product you choose should come with both complementary certifications, especially if you want to make sure that the product is organically produced from start to finish—from the field to the manufacturing plant and your bedroom.

To be sure that the organic mattress you are buying has the right certifications. Buy only from certified and legitimate distributors that offer products from GOTS-regulated organic mattress manufacturers that adhere to stringent policies and standards to the letter. Choose a company that offers a wide selection of products that you can choose from to keep your options widespread.