Organic Mattresses comfort exchanges.



All organic mattresses are made to order. No Comfort exchanges will be offered for any mattress or top of the bed products from any manufacturer we carry.  We cannot replace any firmness picked by the customer. The science of core making is not perfect. We will however offer a new softer or firmer core purchase for zippered cover type mattresses. You are responsible for the shipping charges and the new core charges. There is no need to return the core. For all manufacturers, they cannot refund the purchase price of your mattress, (or set).  According to Federal Law of The United States, it is not resalable. This policy will assure that you will always receive a brand new product, and not something that has been contaminated in any way that could infect (bedbugs,perfumes, etc),your home, or our systems facilities. The Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. products and all of our manufacturers’ mattresses and products made with wools and cottons and natural rubbers are individually made to order, and returns cannot be accepted due to any type of allergic reaction or due to non-tolerance of any natural aroma. If there is a cancellation of the mattress (do not want it) after it is shipped, or refused at delivery, unless it is damaged, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs both to & from the manufacturer, or the origin of the shipping address. Products cannot be refused at time of delivery for any reason other than damage. Once a product has been opened it is unreturnable. Our Wood foundations and mattresses  that do not fit the customer’s miscalculated inside dimensions of their bed frames, are not the manufacturers or retailers responsibility. Measure the inside dimensions of your bedframes to be sure, and if they are not right, contact the dealer immediately. otherwise there could be restocking fees. Once a credit card is swiped, or taken on the phone for a customer, The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® pays a fee to the credit card company. If a customer cancels the order, the store making the sale will charge the customer the % fee plus the % fee incurred when they cancel the order. All cc fees will be considered a restocking fee. If a customer takes a check back instead of doing a refund on the credit card in the system it could save the credit card cancel % fees to the customer. But the customer will still be responsible for the upfront fee. Damaged merchandise will require photos showing the damage. Send photos via e-mail or snail mail to the seller to be reimbursed. Any cancellations or damage claims must be made within 24 hours of the sale, or they cannot be granted.  Please call within 24 hours after the sale if you need to cancel an order. The store where the mattress was purchased may require a deposit to put in escrow until the damaged product is returned to the manufacturer.  If a customer takes possession of a product and does not pay the dealer, that dealer has the right to turn this over to a collection agency of their choice, or start court action in the state the products were purchased, to retrieve the monies owed the retailer. (retail store) 1-484-851-3636