Organic Mattresses: An Urban Trend

Using organic mattresses in homes is a trend that will most likely stay forever. More than merely joining in on the hype, most people choose organic mattresses because of their health implications. Organic cotton, wool and natural latex are three of the most popular types of organic mattresses people choose for their own homes and for good reason. Organic mattresses such as natural latex mattresses, for example are durable. Unlike other materials like organic cotton batting and even the traditional polyester batting, often seen in conventional mattresses, natural latex does not conform to body impressions as easily, making it last longer and retain its firmness for a long time. Organic mattresses don’t form dips and holes as easily as other types of mattresses. Unlike memory foam which grabs your body because of your bodys heat, natural rubber mattresses have a fast recovery and push back almost instantly. This means that your mattress will keep reforming itself over the years. All you have to do is flip the mattress, or the mattress cores one time a year.

Health-wise, organic mattresses have the natural ability to resist mold, mildew, dust mites and all other contaminants and allergies that traditional mattresses attract. Organic materials don’t provide a breeding ground for these impurities, preventing them from breeding and multiplying. Because organic mattresses retain their structural integrity for a long time, they also reduce pressure points. This is especially true with natural latex mattresses, which follows the body to form, to help keep the body’s alignment and provide you with a more restful sleep. This also improves circulation and prevents you from tossing and turning to get the most comfortable position.  Most importantly, with little transference of motion, your partner does not feel you move around all night long, or if they have to get up in the middle of the night.

To add organic beddings to your organic mattress is also a great way to take your urban lifestyle to an even more organic and healthier level. Organic beddings, ranging from pillows to mattress toppers, duvets and duvet covers, comforters and sheets will complete your organic bedding ensemble, helping you keep a stylish, healthy sleeping environment where you can get the best rest. Look at it this way; you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why not make it the best 1/3 of your life as you can.