Organic Latex Crib Mattress’s for your Baby’s Health and Comfort

Organic Latex Crib

The secret to a high-quality natural rubber baby crib mattress is a well-made, thick core of pure, latex, which ensures perfect support for newborns and even older tots. Today’s natural latex crib mattresses comprise of thick rubber cores, which are then surrounded by layers of quilted organic wool or cotton fabric and encased in pure wool or cotton fabric. All these make organic rubber mattresses highly suitable for crib use.


Unlike synthetic foams, organic latex crib mattresses offer just the right balance between firmness and softness, protecting the baby from sinking in too far or rolling off the crib surface all too easily. Natural rubber is also durable and tremendously resilient, which means longer life for your crib mattress, despite the daily abuse. You should ask for the firmest latex out there for your baby. 95-D is The Organic Mattress stores choice firmness.


Natural latex crib mattresses are also beneficial over conventional crib mattresses because they are not made out of any synthetic materials or chemicals, thus making them the obvious healthier choice. Conventional mattresses are drenched in all kinds of toxic chemicals and potentially carcinogenic elements, which may off-gas and be emitted into the air that your toddler breathes over time. These potentially harmful materials can cause many adverse effects on baby’s health. Fortunately, organic mattresses, such as natural latex crib mattresses are free from these harmful toxins, thus providing a much healthier sleeping environment for very young and still developing children.


However, it is important to be vigilant whenever shopping for organic products online, especially when it comes to organic mattresses. Be wary of purity claims and chemical-free pitches and thoroughly research the manufacturer of the product and the product itself before making your final purchase. This way, you can make sure that the product you are buying is indeed worth every penny you are paying. Read labels and product descriptions and only buy from trusted sources and manufacturers to ensure the value of the organic product you are purchasing.