Organic Innerspring Mattress and Its Advantages

With the many different types of organic mattresses available in the market along with different products that claim the title, but don’t really offer organic properties, consumers are often left utterly confused about what kind of mattress to buy and which type would really provide them the health benefits that these products promise.

Technically, organic mattresses belong to a class of mattresses that have been produced using processes that eliminate or at least minimize the use chemical additives and synthetic ingredients, thus creating a healthier product that promotes a better sleeping environment.  Organic inner spring mattresses are a popular type of organic mattress, typically made out of different layers of organic materials, designed to cushion the body and eliminate stress from triggered pressure points.

A mattress can be considered healthy when it promotes a healthier sleeping environment that is free from toxins that can be inhaled or that bioaccumulate through direct contact. A healthy bed also provides good support for the body, thus promoting proper alignment of the spine and minimizing pressure points that often cause much discomfort.

There are latex core mattresses and natural inner spring mattresses, both of which can provide the body support and the healthy sleeping environment that you need. Your choice of bedding is only a matter of personal preference, although organic innerspring mattresses are preferred by others who are looking for the familiar feel of a conventional innerspring core. This tends to be less body-conforming and firmer than latex-core mattresses, which some are more comfortable with. Organic innerspring mattresses are the better choice if you want a sleep experience that closely resembles what you are accustomed to, but healthier and more comfortable. There are also pocket coil mattresses where in coils are interconnected by steel wires and encased in organic cotton pouches, which allow the steel coils to move independently from each other. Transfer of motion, therefore, is less noticeable.