Your Organic Futon and wool bed care instructions

  • Place your futon on a slat foundation or a futon frame. They’re great for college, or a guest room. Most futons are used in living rooms by day and fold out by night.
  • Protect your futon from getting wet. We recommend a wool or cotton mattress protector.
  • Flip & rotate your futon every 8 weeks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For stains/soiling, use a natural/biodegradable spot cleaner. Vinegar and water work best. Allow to dry. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to care for your futon.


Your “All Wool Mattress”

  • Place your wool mattress on a slat foundation or a frame. Flip and rotate every 6 months.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Soften it all up using a 4″ thick natural rubber, or a wool pillow top. Wool mattresses tend to run firm.

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