Organic Floor Coverings – Mother Nature’s Answer for Innovative, High Quality Coverings

The Organic Mattress Store is in business to promote renewable resource floor covering products for the 21st Century. Our commitment lies not in recycling petrochemical products, but rather in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer; Mother Nature and her renewable natural resources. Using Mother Nature’s vast renewable resources, The Organic Mattress Store will promote innovative, high-quality floor coverings for both residential and light commercial applications. We had it installed on our floors in May 2007 and it looks as good as new. We also have found a natural cleaning solution that is as simple as sprinkling down the material and vacuuming it up as it dries instantly.

Due to the natural fiber content of the samples, specifications are subject to nominal manufacturing variances. Supply or manufacturing changes may facilitate product changes without notice. Please contact Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. to verify specifications. Yarn lot variances occur in natural fiber carpets,therefore, actual merchandise is not guaranteed to match your samples. Natural fiber carpets vary in texture and color. Slight variances in texture and color are normal and do not constitute a manufacturing defect. As with all quality natural fiber carpets, vacuuming with a suction only vacuum cleaner is recommended. Beater bar vacuum cleaners may damage the surface pile of this product. Proper vacuuming on a regular basis will increase performance. Use only a wool-approved cleaner for removing stains. Do not vigorously rub the affected area. Lightly blot area instead. If stains persist contact a professional cleaner and be sure they use cleaners designed for wool and natural fibers. This product carries a manufacturing defect warranty and is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years. Matting, crushing, soiling, staining or any other changes in appearance are not considered manufacturing defects and are excluded from this warranty. No warranty is made as to individual reactions, physical or otherwise, regarding this carpet and it’s effects. As this is a natural product, we do not warrant for any smells or odors of our product.

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