Kapok -Alternative Pillows


Kapok/Stomach, Side, Back.

What are you waiting for? Kapok.. The coolest thing to come out of a tree in along time. These trees grow something like 250 ft tall and there are these pods. Inside the pods there is a fiber that looks like silk. So our USA based manufacturer takes these fibers and makes these great soft pillows with the fibers. There is a zipper on the cover as well. So what we recommend is one time a year to take the kapok out, re fluff it up again handful by handful, and then re insert it back into the case. Its like getting a new Kapok pillow each and every time.

Kapok Down-Alternative Pillow

  • Kapok Filling
  • Kapok

Ultra soft all-natural kapok gives you a soothing Air like feel. Kapok is hypo allergenic, for sleepers who want the sensation of down without the allergens. Covered in our soft and smooth organic cotton sateen casing. Zipper cover can be opened to take out or add more Kapok.

kapok treee

The Kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) is a tropical tree that grows to 200-230ft tall. The kapok is a silky fiber that lines the seed pod of the tree. It is sustainably harvested and is fairly traded. It is a very nice pillow and a great alternative to duck feathers.

kapok blossom

  • Inside: All Natural Kapok
  • Outside: Organic Sateen casing made from domestically grown Certified Organic Cotton


size price
Standard (20"x26") $115
Queen (20"x30") $125
King (20"x36") $139