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Soft Cotton Luxury Pillow / SIDE, BACK , OR STOMACH

Organic Cotton Pillows

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If you’re looking for a pillow of incredible softness, this is the one to give you the sensation of resting your head on a fluffy cloud. It’s stuffed with long staple organic cotton batting, which provides a wonderfully firm but lush feel. Cotton does compress down faster than wool, but people like the way it gets slimmer and harder over time as well.  Change out your organic cotton pillow every 2 years if you want it to be of the softer variety.


Certified organic & natural raw materials

Professionally Made in America.

Our manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing high quality pillows for over 30 years. During that time they have built a solid network with organic farmers and trusted organic suppliers. That ensures they use the purest, highest quality, certified organic & natural raw materials available. They keep on file up to date certifications for all their suppliers.They are always looking for new and alternative ways to enhance your pillows and your dreams. Their mission is to provide you with the best, most comfortable and healthy pillow they can make.

Protect your pillows with a certified organic cotton pillow protector

size weight price
Standard 32 oz $119
Queen 40 oz $129
King 50 oz $139