Wood Foundation

Wood Foundations For Mattresses


4″ or 8″ Thick Traditional Slatted Wood Foundations

Wood Foundation Cutaway

These 4″ or the traditional 8″ thick foundations are made from cabinet grade,untreated spruce wood. There is an airspace of about  2″ to 2.5 inches in between each slat for breathe ability.  The Manufacturer also uses 100% organic cotton flannel fabric (ticking) made in South Carolina, in our  diamond pattern covering. On the inside of the cotton flannel ticking there is a layer of Eco Wool wool®, which is a Blend of chemical free wool, and Pure Pacific Northwest California Eco Wool®.

These 4″ foundations help put the mattress closer to the floor.This is good for babies going from the crib to a twin. The 8″ foundations put you up higher.Wood foundations allows the mattress to breath easily, and also work the same way as a platform wood bed with slats. Older people like the 8″ thick foundation because its easier to get in and out of bed. Calculate what size will fit best for your headboard as well. You might not want to take away the headboard with an 8″ foundation, but rather use a 4″ thick one instead.

The Organic Mattress Store foundations come in 2 depths. 4″, and 8″. The 4″ are designed for bunk beds, but can be used on any metal or wood bed frame. Again,the 4″ puts the mattress lower to the ground.The 8″ is standard. If you already have a platform bed,a futon frame, or a bunk bed you may not need a foundation at all. Remember to measure from the bottom of your bed frame up the headboard, to see how much foundation you will need, without allowing a gap in the headboard for your pillows to go thru. This particular foundation usually goes with the Organic Mattress Store Private Label: The Key West, The Key Largo, The Coconut Grove, and the Waverly Innerspring mattresses.


FOUNDATIONS,Price (3″\ 8″)
Twin (38″x75″),$399
Twin XL (38″x80″),$499
Full (54″x75″),$599
Queen (60″x80″),$599

Split Queen,$749
King/E (38″x80″),$699
King/Cal. (36″x84″),$799

SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED (unless purchased with a mattress)


Features of the S-100 Foundation for any mattress.




  • Organic Cotton Linen Covering is on the outside
  • Pure Kiln dried spruce wood is on the inside,no glue used at all
  • Natural rubber is used to hold slats in place and give suspension, and is on the inside
  •  This Foundation can be used inside a bed frame or with the optional 10” wood legs
  • Foundation measures 7” in height without the wood legs
  • 20 year Warranty


Twin (39″x75″x9″),$579
Twin XL (39″x80″x9″),$579
Full (54″x75″x9″),$759
Queen (60″x80″x9″),$759
Split Queen,$959
King/E (76″x80″x9″),$1194

Cal King (72″x84″x11″),$1194

SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED (unless purchased with a mattress)


Green Sleep S300 Dowel Foundation

Green Sleep S300 Dowel Foundation

The S300 Euro Dowel Foundation compliments  your Vimala natural rubber mattress using wooden dowels suspended on the frame with many adjustable polymer anchors. This wood is untreated pure seasoned kiln-dried maple and no synthetic glues, dyes, or finishing sprays are used in any stage of production of this foundation. You an also buy this mattress for any mattress you purchase. Its made for the Vimala, but can be used for lots of mattresses.

Note: All Green Sleep mattress  foundation sets come with seperate 10″ wooden legs. Legs screw in and are optional. If you choose not to use the legs, the foundation fits into any standard bed frame. Its up to you to use them or not.



  • Solid wooden dowels provide firm support for any mattress
  • Ample air circulation allows mattress to breathe and avoid mold
  • Flexible suspension system allows for customized firmness
  • Velour covered upholstered base creates an elegant European style finish
  • 10″ legs come standard
  • 20 year warranty


Twin (39″x75″x9″),$1259
Twin XL (39″x80″x9″),$1259
Full (54″x75″x9″),$1799
Queen (60″x80″x9″),$1799
Split Queen,$2199
King/E (76″x80″x9″),$2518
Cal King (72″x84″x9″),$2518

SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED (unless purchased with a mattress)