Organic Stuffed Animal Baby Toys

Organic Stuffed Animals


Environmentally Safe Baby Companions

Organic Stuffed Animals

Our organic stuffed animals make for great toys and are perfect for the environmentally sensitive. The cotton shell is filled with unbleached cotton clippings and embroidered eyes for added safety. Our Foundling’s, hand-crafted in Vermont, are some of the most environmentally safe toys made today. We have been selling these whales, rabbits, turtles, puppy’s, and teddy bears for a long time now. Its no wonder kids love and fight over them.  Soft stuff for the baby and the younger kids is where its at. Who did not have one growing up at one time. We don’t doubt a few adults got one or 2 around as well. Enjoy.

It takes 3 years of chemical- and pesticide-free farming to certify a cotton crop as organic. Organic farming protects ground water and the workers.


item price
Whale $29.00
Totally Turtle $39.00
Rabbit $239.00
Puppy $49.00
Teddy Bear $49.00
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