New Jersey

New Jersey


New Jersey and The Organic Mattress Store have had a very good relationship since 2004. Since its in Pa, it’s been a no brainer to drive over to see and and experience our superb line of organic mattresses in the country.

We don’t mess around when it comes to our customers sleep issues. We look around at all the issues and go from there. We take it personally. Lets just say he weighs 200 lbs and she weighs 110 lbs. We would put them on a split mattress to try.

His side being firm and her side being medium. And if they have shoulder issues, then we look at something else that will work. Since we have a bunch of things to try, what we do is let our customers try everything. They rule things out and then rule a few in. We zero it in on a few, maybe 2-3 mattresses and break it down even further. Until we get to one.

So lets get you to come on in. You get our delivery service to come down, install the new mattress and box spring, and even take away the old mattress set for a small fee.

Enjoy our fine restaurants in our town, and we even have the Sands Casino. It’s worth a look just to see the work they did with the old steel from the Bethlehem Steel works, and how they used it for beams, etc. So here’s hoping we will see you soon. Dennis and Lee Hornick.