Natural Wool Carpet Pad

Natural Wool Carpet Padding

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Wool pad

For 18 years now we have been selling this carpet padding. So if your doing a carpet job, then the extra left over is great to lay down, poke a hole thru it , and plant a seed. This padding holds up really well. We have it under our carpet in our showroom since 2007, and its still soft to walk on.This Wool-based carpet padding is  naturally pigmented and mechanically needled (not glued) into a cotton scrim. This carpet is as clean as it gets. Free of adhesives, glues, you can be assured your getting the best in the country today. You cant beat that. It is also perfectly safe over heated, or tile, or wood floors. Average thickness is 7/16 of an inch and the average weight is 40 oz. per square yard.  This carpet is available in 30 square yard rolls only.


$324.00 for a 30 square yard roll $10.80 per sq yard , Without Carpet  6’x45′ Roll

$243.00 for a 30 Square yard roll  $8.10  per sq yard,   With Carpet 6’x45′ Roll


Rolls size is 6’x45′ or 26.6 square yards

Natural Rubber Rug Gripper Padding for Area Rugs


Rug Gripper

The rug gripper padding is for use on hard, or soft surfaces. It will provide extra comfort under your feet, and help to prevent your serged area rugs from slipping, or you falling down, and creating a possible injury to your or your loved one. This pad will not stain any type of floor and can easily be cut with scissors for a custom fit to any size rug. Average thickness is 1/8 of an inch. Its the best product for your serged rug. Good for pets too, who have a hard time on slippery floors.


2'x3' Rug Gripper $39
2'x8' Rug Gripper $59
3'x5' Rug Gripper $59
4'x6' Rug Gripper $69
5'x8' Rug Gripper $89
6'x9' Rug Gripper $109
8'x10' Rug Gripper $139
9'x12' Rug Gripper $189
10'x12' Rug Gripper $199
10'x14' Rug Gripper $209

Custom Sizes also available