Natural Wood Bed Frames Combine Modern and Traditional Aesthetic Appeal

While bed frames are typically an out of sight, out of mind type of furniture, natural wood bed frames create a nice focal point in bedrooms, thanks to their modern and more functional designs. The best wood bed frames are those that combine traditional craftsmanship and woodworking with modern designs that work well with most any space. Bed frames nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, many of which take traditional design concepts and turn them into more functional, aesthetically appealing modern designs.

Box spring frames, for instance, used to be constructed using actual springs within the framework. Today, however, modern box springs no longer contain springs, making them a lot more lightweight and, with less moving parts, a lot easier to maintain, making them last longer. Metal bed frames are also a popular choice because of their convenience and transportability (many designs can be easily assembled and dismantled), however, more people find natural wood bed frames to be a better choice because of quality and the ability to provide better support. Not to count there are less Emf fields in a wood bed compared to anything metal.A slatted wood bed frame, for instance, creates a nice frame using planks of wood across the length of the bed. This creates a breathable surface for the mattress, increasing your bed’s ability to regulate temperature and keep airflow. The great thing about slatted wood frames is that they can be used with most any type of mattress.

Those with modern style bedrooms, on the other hand, prefer more modern configurations for their natural wood bed frames. Solid platform beds, for instance, make for a great choice for modern rooms. They provide the most support as they create a flat surface for the mattress. They also tend to be a lot more stylish as they offer more possibilities for aesthetics and added function like under the bed storage for rooms with limited space.