Natural & Organic Fabric Bedding for a Better Sleep

Organic Cotton

So remember as a kid pulling your blankets apart in the dark & seeing the sparks fly!  Sure it was fun, but, that is static electricity which seems to be produced quite a bit more by synthetic fibers than natural, organic products. All of those EMF (electromagnetic fields) flying around your body just might be contributing to restless sleep. Much has been studied & written about the effects of EMF’s on our health, (and some people don’t think has any effect on anything), but for those of us who wish to live as naturally as possible, eliminating EMF’s is a part of that lifestyle.

Start with some great organic cotton sheets, and blankets. Look at what your mattress protector is made out of, is it all cotton, (or wool if you need a moisture barrier?  how about your pillows & comforter? Yes I know a lot of these products are not as fancy as some of the synthetic fibers, but you can toss a beautiful wool blanket, or a big cotton cloth on top of your bed to jazz things up & still stay away from the synthetic fibers that can create so much static electricity. I personally love the simple peaceful look of all natural fibers just that has a very soothing effect at bedtime. Knowing I am not surrounded by all those EMF’s gives me Peace of Mind.