Why a Natural Latex Mattress is Good For Your Child’s Initial Growth

Every parent wants the best for their child and so do you. Right from selecting the baby lotions to clothes, you want to ensure your child’s utmost comfort, and that’s why you go all the way to provide your child everything that’s best for their growth.

If a baby mattress is what you are looking for your young one, then what can be better than a latex mattress that is organic, healthy and comfortable. Made from natural rubber material tapped out of trees, the mattress has got bundles of benefits, right from the soft texture To the firm 95-D core, which is required for baby mattresses

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Natural latex material is made from the sap of a rubber tree and further processed for making clothes, beddings and other things. The East Coast Organic Mattress Store only offers latest crib mattresses that are naturally processed.. If you are searching for an authentic latex crib mattress online for your child, then we are your reliable friends on the internet, or come on in to our bricks and mortar store in Hellertown, Pa.

Non-allergenic and anti-microbial

Usually, conventional mattresses are a magnet for microbes organisms, but latex mattresses are strongly resilient to this kind of thing. Other bedding material can be prone to mold, and dust mites that can create some allergens in the air resulting in the frequent sneeze, cough, and can face respiratory problems. Such problems quickly affect children. But, latex mattresses Breathe, are dust mite resistant because the wool surrounding the latex is too dry an environment for the mites and the rubber is naturally dust mite resistant as well.

Best support for bone and spinal growth

It is during their sleep that the child’s bones and spine grow, so it is essential that you provide your child the best,firmest bedding. A latex mattress can be the ideal choice to ensure your child’s healthy sleeping hours. Get the best deal on an organic latex crib mattress from The East Coast Organic Mattress Store.

Regulates the Temperature

The latex mattress is prepared with utmost care to ensure breathability. It encourages the complete circulation of air. These latex mattresses maintain the balanced temperature by the tiny holes on the latex core that help the mattress breathe. You can pass this mattress on to your family members having kids when you stop having them. You can expect 30 yrs out of one of them, maybe more.

Flame Resistance

Natural Latex is a bad conductor of fire and has a slow ignition rate that is ideal for your child’s crib mattress. This resists such mishaps to a greater extent. On the contrary, there are also mattresses that are extremely fire-retardant but processed with intoxicating chemicals.


Buying organic products like a Natural Latex Mattress is absolutely the right step towards making the environment more healthy and breathable. So, if you also want to contribute to environmental welfare, then you should buy a natural latex mattress.

To Sum It Up

So, if you are planning to buy a Natural Latex Mattress for your child, then a latex mattress can be the best product.