MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY For The Organic Mattress Store

Each manufacturer has a different warranty. We are The Organic Mattress Store, and this is how we do it. With prorated warranties of 25 yrs., the first 10 yrs. there is full coverage. The second 15 yrs. starts out 50% of the original price of the mattress, and will decline/decrease 5% per additional year to reach 0 by the end of the 25 year warranty. The prorated charges will be calculated depending on when the product was replaced. Products that customers feel are not holding up will require pictures sent to the retailer and they will pass them on to the manufacturer for review. For any warranty issues, the customer is responsible for the delivery of the new mattress. The old mattress is still your property and is your responsibility to be disposed of. All pictures of the defective mattress should be saved, and sent to The Organic Mattress Store via e mail for review. Those pictures will be forwarded over to the manufacturer for their review. Using wood foundations or box springs other that the ones we sell will void a mattress warranty.  Snail mail copies are always acceptable.

CUSTOMER FOR LIFE PROGRAM The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® system places great emphasis on returning customers. So to reward customers who have purchased mattresses in the past, the purchaser just needs to show a sales receipt of the mattress purchased to any store in the East Coast Organic Mattress System, and that person will be eligible for 10% off all top of the bed products sold by any East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc. This promotion cannot be used with any other promotions. This promotion only applies to approved products that are from approved vendors in The East Coast Organic Mattress store® system. Thanks for your business and we hope to see you in the future.



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