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A good natural latex mattress is a great investment that can improve your well-being and health in the long run. You can enhance the experience of sleeping by upgrading to a wood foundation. The combination of these products may lead to an improved sleep. It may also support your change to a minimalist lifestyle, too. Just be sure that the wood foundation is a high-quality product that is built to last. Some of the best wood foundations available are constructed by the Amish, so you can be sure of their durability and longevity. Here are more things you should know about this type of foundation:


  • What it’s made of – High-quality wood foundations are made of untreated cabinet grade spruce wood to ensure durability. It guarantees effective support for the weight of your mattress, too, especially when you are in bed. Reputable manufacturers use 100 percent organic cotton flannel ticking that is manufactured in South Carolina for the diamond pattern covering. Inside that ticking is a layer of natural wool. High-quality wool should be made of Pure Pacific Northwest California Eco Wool and wool that is free of harmful chemicals.
  • It comes in different thickness profiles – You can get a wood foundation in the traditional eight-inch or three-inch thickness. The three-inch foundation lets the mattress sit closer to the floor, and this may support very young, growing children who are trying to adjust from their crib to a twin-size bed. Eight-inch foundations are higher, so they are more suitable for older children or adults. Air space is approximately two to 2.5 inches between every slat for breathability.


  • Designed to let your natural latex mattress breathe – Wood slats are a better material for mattress foundations as it lets the mattress breathe well. This allows for proper air circulation, which helps regulate the temperature of the mattress, so it does not feel too hot or too cold. It will help you sleep well, too.


  • Getting the right size – You can determine the best size for your wood mattress foundation by referring to the size of your headboard if you have one. A three-inch foundation may also be suitable for bunk beds as well as for wood and metal bed frames. Eight inches is the standard for adults and older children. When making measurements, start from the bottom of the bed frame up to your headboard to determine how much foundation is required, while making sure there is no gap that will make your pillows go through it.


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