Looking for Info About Organic Rubber Mattress? Look No More


It always pays to be informed when shopping for an organic rubber mattress, as knowledge ensures that you can pick the right product that is authentic and guaranteed to be high-quality. If you are looking for information on this type of mattress, look no further as this article should provide you with the basic things you must know about it:

  • What is it made of? – An organic rubber mattress is made from the rubber tree’s sap, which is processed and transformed into latex. Always choose a latex mattress that is made of 100 percent natural Dunlop rubber, without any synthetic blends.
  • Dunlop vs. Talalay latex – A natural latex mattress can either be classified as ‘Dunlop’ or ‘Talalay’, and they differ in terms of their manufacturing process, consistency, and use. Dunlop is highly preferred in organic rubber mattresses because it is denser, which makes it heavier, more durable, and a bit firmer. Natural Dunlop latex or rubber mattresses from Malaysia and Sri Lanka are superior quality products that are durable, with a life span that can exceed two decades without signs of undue deterioration. Talalay has a chemical seam called Simalfa in it to bind pieces together. Stick with Dunlop.
  • Great for those who have sleeping partners – An organic rubber mattress is unlike conventional spring and synthetic mattresses, which will cause the person sleeping beside you to bounce or move when you do, causing unwanted disturbance. This is called, ‘transference of motion’, and you do not have to worry about that with latex mattresses, as the material absorbs the force from your movements.
  • Organic rubber is healthy – You can sleep comfortably and soundly and wake up feeling refreshed on an organic rubber mattress, as it maintains a neutral temperature, repels dust mites, molds around your body to support your joints, spine, and your back, and ensures an even sleeping surface. It does not retain moisture, too, so you can say goodbye to allergies and respiratory conditions caused by mold, mildew, and fungal growth in the mattress.