Last but not least if you wake up and cant sleep

Don’t just lie there staring at the ceiling, experts say. If you can’t get back to sleep after 15 or 20 minutes, get out of bed and go into another room where there is dim light and do something calming until you feel drowsy again.

(Note: We have already learned that dishes, strolls and warm baths are not calming.)

“Maybe read a boring book , but avoid picking up that cell phone or going on your computer,” In addition to blue light, “the temptation to go on social media or check your work e-mails might prevent your mind from relaxing,”

Do those boring activities until you start feeling drowsy, and “only then return to bed.”If you do not fall asleep in another 10 minutes, again get out of bed and do the same thing. The idea is to avoid long times in bed where you are not sleeping.”

Why is lying in bed a problem?

“We do not want what we call ‘dead time’ in bed, time where you are in bed trying to fall asleep but not sleeping. This tends to cause some frustration and anxiety.

“In addition we want the bed to be a place that you associate with sleep.The more you do other things including lay awake trying to fall asleep, the weaker this association gets and the more difficult it is to fall back asleep.”

That’s one of the reasons that all sleep experts advise against using a laptop or tablet in bed, watching television from your bed, or frankly not much of anything except …

“Bed is only for sleep and sexual activity, nothing else.   1-484-851-3636