Know the Benefits of Organic Mattresses for Babies and Children

It matters what products you purchase for your child. In fact, it is essential for parents and guardians to always be aware of what those products are made of, so they know exactly if these are safe and healthy for babies. A mattress is one of the products that is often overlooked, but you never could tell what is in it until you read the label and realize that it is slowly causing your baby to get sick.

Organic mattresses for babies are recommended if you want to avoid possible health problems, while ensuring baby’s safety. Organic mattresses are made of fine natural latex and customized to a 95-D firmness, which is known as ‘extra firm’. That way, you can be sure that babies have an even and comfortable sleep surface that is safe for them.

High-quality natural mattresses for babies and children come with organic cotton fabric cover.. Inside the cover there is pure eco wool that comes from healthy and free-roaming sheep. Both the wool and cotton are non-dyed and unbleached to ensure pristine and safe materials that are free of harmful chemicals. Many non-organic and conventional foam mattresses are found to have petroleum-based chemicals, which have been linked to poor immunity, developmental problems, and a weak nervous system. They contain flame retardants, which have been linked to certain types of cancers, respiratory diseases, and reproductive disorders, too. Hence, organic mattresses are becoming more popular with parents who care about the health and safety of their children in the long run.

Organic mattresses for babies are healthier and will keep babies comfortable as they sleep. Natural latex, for instance, maintains a neutral temperature and promotes good air circulation to prevent perspiration and moisture from accumulating within the mattress. That way, the mattress naturally prevents the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. Likewise, a natural mattress can repel dust mites, so you can prevent bug bites from damaging baby’s sensitive skin. Organic wool is naturally flame retardant, too, so you can be sure that baby’s mattress is safer without the toxic chemicals.