Know Why You Really Need an Organic Mattress in Your Life

You may be familiar with organic food and their many health benefits, but what about organic mattresses? People who adopt an organic lifestyle often wonder what other aspects of life can adapt to support their lifestyle preference. Just like consumable organic products, an organic mattress is a type of mattress made with natural, non-toxic materials, instead of synthetic and chemically questionable components that make conventional mattresses harmful to health. Consumers who choose natural mattresses firmly believe that organic mattresses are the healthier choice of bedding, which reduces unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals that non-organic products introduced to the environment.

The mattress that you currently use is likely made up of petroleum-based materials like nylon, pressboard, polyester, vinyl, polyurethane foam, or a combination of these materials. In addition to the synthetic nature of these materials, they are further treated with often toxic flame retardants (containing phosphates, boric acid, and silicon, among other potentially harmful substances), which make them prone to off-gassing or producing harmful fumes that you in turn breathe in while sleeping. These substances also come into contact with your skin for a significant period of time each day, potentially causing many of your unexplained allergies and sensitivities.

Organic mattresses, on the other hand, keep you away from these harmful toxins and irritants, hence creating a much healthier sleeping environment than your traditional, chemical-soaked mattress. In addition to being a healthier alternative to traditional bed mattresses, organic, natural-made mattresses also offer a range of other practical advantages such as being a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice, thanks to more responsible farming and manufacturing. Natural materials also allow for greater durability and longevity, which more than justifies the higher price tag on organic mattresses compared to conventional mattresses. Whether you need an organic mattress is a matter of your personal preference, but many agree that natural mattresses offer great health benefits that make them a superior choice of bedding for modern homes.