Know How Choosing a Certified Organic Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

Got organic fever? Consumers nowadays love everything organic. From certified organic mattress beds to household products and food, there is no stopping the organic bandwagon—but is this movement really just a passing trend? Or are there real benefits to choosing the all-natural way? When it comes to beddings, experts agree that certified organic is the way to go. An average person spends at least a third of their lives in bed. Needless to say, what you sleep on can really have massive impacts on your health, especially when you are still sleeping on an old mattress from at least a decade ago. Old mattresses, especially the synthetic types, contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, which through the years emit harmful gas that you inhale while you sleep—this is what they call off-gassing. These toxic chemicals typically come from fire retardants that manufacturers use to make mattresses compliant to fire safety standards.

A certified organic mattress, however, is not only biodegradable and hypoallergenic; it also contains way less chemicals than traditional mattresses. As a matter of fact, many of them are as much as 97% pure, as opposed to chemical-soaked synthetic mattresses. Organic mattresses also offer durability and they are made out of materials that better support the body and have the ability to alleviate pressure, all the while helping regulate body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably and stay warm during colder days and cool during summer seasons. The wool padding helps wisk the moisture away in summer.

When you support certified organic mattress products, you are also reducing your home’s carbon footprint in addition to preventing harmful toxins from getting released into the air. Natural mattresses comply with organic standards and they are made to be durable, comfortable, naturally flame-resistant, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. As a matter of fact, natural mattresses are infant-approved, meaning they are healthy for use even for young babies.