Kinds of Organic Twin Mattress

Two main types of organic twin mattresses are available in the market. These are natural rubber mattresses and coil inner spring mattresses. The first type has a rubber core that is made out of the sap of the rubber tree—a completely renewable resource. This layer resembles the qualities of memory foam mattresses, providing excellent support for the body and keeping bodily movements of other people using the bed subtle. The rubber core is often surrounded by another layer of organic wool, which works to regulate moisture, while acting as a natural fire retardant. Coil inner spring mattresses, on the other hand, utilize metal coils, which is then surrounded by natural wool. The surrounding wool not only acts as fire retardant, but also regulates the user’s body temperature. A layer of organic cotton is often added to make the mattress even softer and more comfortable.

An organic mattress is a healthier choice if you want better sleep and reduce environmental damage. Conventional mattresses many contain toxic chemicals, which not only leaches out to the air inside your bedroom in a process known as off-gassing, but also comes in contact with the skin, causing bioaccumulation, which can have adverse effects on your health. When polyurethane foam from traditional mattress break down, the chemicals it off gasses are known carcinogens, which are very bad for the health. Organic mattresses eliminate the risk of health problems from off-gassed chemicals as these products are virtually free from such toxicities.

Hypoallergenic properties are also among the greatest advantages of organic twin mattresses. While conventional mattresses serve as a free haven for dust mites, organic mattresses resist them and are less prone to becoming thriving nests for other kinds of allergens. This makes organic mattresses the best choice especially for people suffering from asthma and allergies.