Kids going back to school after covid

The Organic Mattress Store in Hellertown Pa thinks kids face a lot of stress when they go back to school after Covid.  New kids, teachers, and classrooms are stressful as they like familiarity and comfort.  The most important time for them to recover is while they are sleeping.  As a parent, you can provide the healthiest environment for them to get a good night’s rest.  As much as possible, provide clean, natural, organic basics vs. synthetic materials.

How can you create a healthy bedroom?  The most important factor is your child’s bed.  Children do best with a medium firm mattress.  Natural Dunlop latex from the rubber tree, with organic wool and cotton is healthy for them.  This mattress will last their entire childhood into college years. Colleges accept twin mattresses so stick with that size.

Protect their mattress with an organic/ wool or cotton mattress pad.  This will be additional ‘accident’ support. Wool provides cooling in summers and warmth in winters.  It is also a natural fire retardant and dust mite protector.

Finally, choose the right organic/natural pillow, based on whether they are side, back, stomach, or all over sleepers.   Encase it in a pillow protector, add organic sheets & comforters, and your child is ready for restful, stress recovery sleep!