Key Tips to Know Before You Buy an Organic Rubber Mattress

Thinking of buying an organic rubber mattress? It is usually a good choice, but there are certain factors you must consider before you proceed. Here are key tips to know before you buy an organic rubber mattress:

  • Do you really need it? An organic rubber mattress tends to be a rather expensive purchase, but its benefits can easily outweigh the price in the long run, especially when you consider that it promotes good health and a more comfortable sleep. You may want to consider buying this type of mattress if you notice that your old mattress has sagged and it is causing you to have sore spots, backaches, allergies, and respiratory problems. An organic rubber mattress is healthier and safer, since it does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals that may off-gas and cause medical and health conditions like certain types of cancers, and neurological problems.
  • Determine the best place to buy an organic rubber mattress. Choose a reputable and established retailer that specializes in high-quality organic mattresses and bedding. Consider a store that has been in business for at least a decade and has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. More importantly, make sure that the seller is a member of the Organic Trade Association and that it is a certified Gold business by Green America.
  • Look for the Global Organic Latex Standard seal. Ensure that the retailer follows GOLS when it comes to certifying the latex and rubber mattresses that they carry. Organic rubber mattresses are made with materials from the rubber tree, and the latex is harvested in a sustainable manner. Also the best rubbers are from Sri-Lanka and Malaysia.
  • Learn about financing options. Some of the best retailers offer financing options to make it easier to purchase an organic rubber mattress, so be sure to ask about them.
  • Visit the actual store if possible. Arrange a visit to the showroom of the organic rubber mattress retailer to personally see the product that you want to buy. That way, you know exactly what you are getting.