Key Benefits of Buying an Organic Wool Mattress Protector

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An organic mattress is a valuable investment that can last for decades, and an organic wool mattress protector may help prolong its lifespan further. A mattress protector is a type of removable bedding sits on top of the mattress. There are many key benefits to buying an organic wool mattress protector, including the following:

  • Organic wool is safer and better for your health –Organic wool is not merely comfortable, iIt is hypoallergenic; making it ideal for a household with allergies. Most allergic reactions to regular wool are caused by the chemicals and toxins that are present in it from colorants, dyes, manufacturing procedure, and pesticides. Organic wool is free of toxic chemicals and is processed only with vegetable based soaps and hot water to retain lanolin, its natural dust mite repellent. Lanolin is typically stripped off when wool is processed with harsh chemicals, so dust mites are more likely to thrive and cause allergies.

  • Organic wool mattress protectors provide the best insulation – Organic wool is a natural insulator and naturally breathable, so it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It does not absorb moisture, so the mattress protector will not become a breeding ground for mold and fungus.
  • Naturally flame resistant – Flame retardants are present in conventional mattresses and bedding, and they have been linked to some cases of cancer, neurological defects, and other health problems. Organic wool is a natural flame retardant, so it does not have to be treated with harmful and toxic flame retardant chemicals. Hence, if your organic wool mattress protector is exposed to flame, it will gently burn away without catching fire. Put the flame out and the material stops burning.
  • Protects your mattress from dirt, stains, and bacteria – The organic wool mattress protector can prevent accidents from staining your mattress, making it ideal for children who are still likely to wet their bed, as well as for the elderly.

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