Invest in Your Health by Purchasing Naturally Built Organic Mattresses

The mattress that you are sleeping on could potentially be causing some of your health problems. Synthetic and conventional mattresses tend to be processed and manufactured using harmful chemicals and chemically treated materials that can endanger your health. If you value your well-being, consider switching to organic mattresses—and doing so soon. Organic mattresses are better than conventional mattresses because they are healthier, environmentally friendly, and allow you to sleep better.

What makes an organic mattress healthier?

Regular mattresses are processed using toxic chemicals, which can enter your body through inhalation. These chemicals are usually fire retardants like boric acid and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). PBDE has been proven to have health effects. I fact, because it is extremely toxic, Europe has completely phased out products with PBDE. This chemical is also linked to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Meanwhile, boric acid is known to increase the risks of neurological, developmental, and reproductive damage.

Apart from these chemicals, conventional mattresses may contain carcinogens, which are off-gassed from deteriorating polyurethane foam. Organic mattresses do not go through off-gassing. And because they are chemical-free, they are less likely to trigger allergies and asthma.

Organic mattresses are made of materials that can naturally repel dust mites that commonly breed and thrive in conventional mattresses. They have anti-microbial properties, too. And because they help regulate body temperatures, they let you sleep soundly and much better without experiencing discomfort. You wake up feeling more energized because you are able to rest without any disturbance—no itching, no allergies, and no difficulty breathing.

Invest in a high-quality natural organic mattress that is manufactured by a reputable company. Make sure that you buy from a reputable online store that specializes in selling authentic organic mattresses.