Improve Your Home Air Quality with an Organic Mattress

Where household toxins are concerned, what typically comes to mind are strong cleaning products that release potent chemical smells that pollute and linger in the atmosphere before eventually dissipating. However, indoor air pollution isn’t limited to these occasionally used products. As a matter of fact, less obvious sources produce more air pollution, more frequently and continuously, without us realizing. These less obvious sources include upholstery and furnishings, including mattresses, particularly those made with synthetic chemicals, which release volatile compounds into the air, which people then breathe in as they sleep or rest around these fixtures. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are switching to organic mattress Maine, which help eliminate the threat of these toxic chemicals that get released into the home atmosphere.

For the eco-conscious and the health-minded, organic mattress Maine offers a clear solution for improving a home’s overall air quality. If your mattress is anywhere between 10 and 15 years of age, it is highly likely that it is made using synthetic foams and materials that degrade and off-gas over time. Conventional mattresses are soaked in all kinds of harmful chemicals, which make them extremely harmful to health, especially once the chemicals start breaking down and seeping into the atmosphere or even your skin as you sleep. If you’ve been noticing unusual discomforts as you lay in bed at night, they could very well be caused by your degrading mattress. As a matter of fact, many studies link these chemical-laden mattresses to common health problems and complaints like respiratory issues, skin irritations, and allergies.

Investing in organic mattress Maine is a great way to keep your family away from the harmful effects of old, synthetic mattresses that tend to pollute your indoor air and cause many health problems stemming from your inability to receive proper rest as well as your exposure to toxic chemicals.