More ideas on falling back asleep

Don’t use a computer, smartphone or tablet to jot down your worries, though, experts warn.

In fact, the No. 1 rule is “no computers, cell phones, and PDAs in bed and at least one hour prior to bed time,

Instead, write your to-do or worry list on paper, using only a dim light, he advised. And if you decide to read to put yourself to sleep, make sure you read in a dim light off from a real book, not a tablet or an e-reader.

That’s because “any LED spectrum light source may further suppress melatonin levels. Melatonin, secreted in a daily 24-hour circadian rhythm, is often referred to as a “sleep hormone,” because we sleep better during the night when levels peak.

“Digital light will suppress the circadian drive,while a “dim reading light will not.”

Oh, and one more thing,”Grab the most boring paper book you can find,” because you don’t want to read or do anything stimulating when you are trying to fall back asleep.

Surprise! That includes taking a warm shower or bath,  Why ever not?

“Because it is a significant activity, which may further disrupt sleep,”By the same token, I had some patients going for a short stroll in the middle of the night or doing dishes — no to both.”     1-484-851-3636