Auto Correct

If the freight arrives, and the contents are visibly damaged, contact the store you purchased from immediately to get advice on keeping some of the items vs. refusing all of them. But do write “SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION” on all papers signed. This applies to all products being signed for, and for all products not opened and inspected as well. The participating East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. must know immediately, so they may get a replacement mattress, or products, made and sent out as soon as possible.  If you accept the freight and sign off on the freight bill presented by the delivery person, you have accepted the product and cannot request a replacement mattress or product if you see damage later.  Any damage claims after acceptance of the shipment will not be honored because the freight companies will not take responsibility for the product in a customer’s home after it has been delivered, inspected, installed, and signed off by the customer. This releases the freight company from any further liabilitySo remember to write SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION on all of the receipts you sign, so if you do notice damage to the product after the delivery people have left, you can contact us and we will work with you, the shipper and manufacturer to get the products replacement. You must be very specific about the damage to the packaging if you do notice any at the time of delivery, i.e.( hole in box, but plastic looked ok, location top corner, etc.). After a delivery company has left and no damage was noted the delivery is considered complete. If damage is found later like a damaged core or cover etc., the damaged product will be replaced and a new product will be sent via the sellers/manufacturers shipper of choice. It will be the responsibility of the customer to re-install the new damaged cover, or core. As stated above, The store where the mattress was purchased may require a deposit to put in escrow until the damaged product is returned to the manufacturer. When the manufacturer gets the damaged product back the monies owed the customer will be returned to that customer. It is at that time the manufacturer reimburses the store selling the product as well. All claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery or they will not be honored.   1-484-851-3636