How to Train Your Sleep

You cant run your day on a night of bad sleep.And you probably dont know why you toss and turn all night long. Lets give some consideration to your sleep.lack of sleep is not very good for your health. It increases your blood pressure,cognitive abilities , and just makes you tired the entire workday. Unless you have an organic mattress store, and can take a nap daily, your outa luck. 71% of us is sleep deprived. You have forgotten what it feels like to get a good sleep. Lets start with getting your room very dark at nite.Cut out e mails and playing video games at nite. Dont drink alot of liquids about 4 hours before you go to bed. Save that stuff for when your partying on the weekends.Go to bed and get up at the same time. Weekends included. Go to bed early, get up early to workout. Dont workout before bedtime, because it will keep you up.When you have time, sleep in very late for 2 days. This will tell you how much real sleep you need to run full out during the day. Drop the heat down to the middle 60’s at nite. Your body like to sleep in a cooler room. Check out an organic wool comforter, and a wool pillow. They wisk away unwanted moisture, and we do sweat alot during the nite. Give these a try and see if anything helps.