How to Select Organic Baby Products

When purchasing baby products, quality is not the only factor that you should be examining—you also need to carefully look into the materials that were used to make them. Your baby’s health and safety are your utmost priority, so it makes sense to ensure that you are buying high-quality and safe products for him or her. This is why discerning parents prefer organic products—items that are made of organic and natural materials that are environmentally friendly and free from toxic and harmful chemicals. Investing in organic baby products can be rewarding in the long run, but you need to be careful if you want to get the best value. Here are tips on selecting the organic baby products:

  • Understand what the label says – Your baby’s brain and body are highly vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals and pesticides, so make sure that you buy organic products that he or she is likely to use daily. Authentically organic products are certified to have been produced and manufactured without the use of harmful pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, and antibiotics.
  • Start with the things in your baby’s crib – Choose a natural rubber or innerspring baby mattress that is quilted with organic cotton and organic wool. Consider a mattress with a 95-D firmness for an extra firm sleep surface. Likewise, make sure that the pillows, blankets, and puddle pads are made of organic materials, too. Look for an organic wool mattress pad and natural pillows.
  • Consider organic stuffed toys – Make sure they are made of unbleached cotton and that the eyes, nose, and mouth are embroidered for safety.
  • Buy only from a reputable store – Make sure the store specializes in organic and natural products. Choose a retailer that has been in business for over a decade. Look for a membership in the Organic Trade Association and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Consider a shop that is a Green America certified business.