How to Select a Natural Wool Carpet

Putting Synthetic Carpet down on your floor is like sleeping on a synthetic mattress

When in the market for natural wool carpet, start by selecting a vendor or source who can give you a good selection based on your personal preferences and criteria. Retailers who specialize in organic products are the best places to turn to if you want to make sure that you are getting real natural wool. A good selection will inspire you to go beyond what you thought you need and lead you to better choices in the end. Here are other tips you should keep in mind when selecting a natural wool carpet for your home:

  • Remember that the more tightly twisted the wool fibers are into the carpet weave, the more abrasion it can and will withstand. When looking at carpet specifications, make sure that they indicate this along with individual fiber length, which is also a factor in determining the quality of the carpet. The longer each carpet stand is, the less shedding you will have to deal with, so wool fibers will stay where you want and need them—on the floor and in your carpet!
  • Wool is a superior choice as evidenced by synthetics trying to mimic its natural properties. Wool has the natural ability to stay beautiful even after years of use. It is extremely durable, thanks to its crimped fibers, which can easily spring back into shape even after you walk or sit on them. Wool carpets will not show matted down paths and will retain evenness even in heavily used areas. Wools natural coating also makes your carpet more stain resistant and a lot easier to clean. The natural scale-like configuration of the fibers help keep soil and dirt on the surface for easy pick-up by your vacuum.
  • Synthetics may be more affordable, but they are far from the natural durability and overall quality of real wool. Before you spend your money on a cheaper synthetic fiber carpet, consider your long-term plans. Besides, natural wool can sometimes be less expensive than high-end synthetics.
  • Make practical decisions when choosing carpet colors. For instance, you want lighter and paler colors in light traffic areas and richer shades for stairs, pathways, and entry ways. Patterns and textures are great at camouflaging stains, soil, and footprints.
  • Wool carpeting is ideal especially for staircase areas because their woven backing keeps the carpet in place while the surface keeps good grip and friction to protect users from slips and falls.

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