How to get back to sleep at 3am. Are you doggone tired?

Lets start with just getting back into bed and trying to doze off. .Limit your evening alcohol intake.Studies show that consuming alcohol before bed can lead to poor quality sleep.. Avoid consuming any caffeine after 2pm. It can linger in your system well into the evening.Avoid napping.Going to bed at irregular hours can hurt more than help.It throws off your bodys circadian rhythm , making it harder to sleep through the night. Get up at the same time each day. and get some morning sunlight, which helps to shut down melatonin production.If you frequently get up to use the bathroom limit how much water or other fluids you drink in the evening two to four hours before bedtime. If all this does not help, go see a sleep specialist and assess whether you might have a more underlying problem, such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome that needs medical treatment. You might want to try a sleep clinic. they might help you identify and address any specific behaviors that might be causing your chronic insomnia.. Good luck.