How to Find Organic Mattresses in Connecticut

Like most things you need, the easiest way to find quality and reasonably priced organic mattresses is online. When hunting for a good bedroom centerpiece with awesome health benefits, bricks and mortar stores are your best resources, but before you jump into the market, it is best to educate yourself about these relatively new commodities. The following are some insider tips you should know when trying to get the best deal out of organic-mattress shopping in Connecticut:

  • There is a better time to buy organic mattresses. Like every other product in the market, mattresses are usually marked down during certain times of the year, particularly dates nearing holidays like Labor Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or during the month of May, when manufacturers usually offer discounts in their showrooms.
  • Higher price doesn’t always mean better sleep. Price is one of the biggest complaints about organic mattresses. However, high price tags are often due to large markups by different brands. A good rule of thumb is to stay within a $1500 to $2200 range, which is fair game in the organic mattress market. Anything over this doesn’t necessarily mean better quality and is usually just because of brand premiums. Be smart about your brand of choice if you don’t want to overspend on your mattress.
  • Negotiate. It is often possible to negotiate prices with distributors and manufacturers. Don’t hesitate to bargain and ask for good deals on prices, delivery fees, and other related expenses.

Firmness ratings vary. Organic mattress labels don’t usually follow the same standards, especially when it comes to product details like mattress firmness and thickness gauge or density. Because the only real way to determine the right firmness of the mattress is by actually trying it on for yourself, That’s why its always best to buy from a real store instead of online. Get it right the first time.