How to Differentiate Between Authentic Natural Mattresses and Duplicate Ones

When planning to buy a natural mattress, you need to do your homework to arm yourself with the proper knowledge in differentiating authentic products from fakes. Some companies claim that they are selling organic and natural mattresses when actually, they are not. Buying a fake organic mattress is a waste of money and time, and you could be left with a low-quality imitation product that is made with harmful chemicals and other harmful toxic substances that could poison your body in the long run. Below are some ways to differentiate authentic natural mattresses from duplicate or class A mattress:

  • Know what organic means – Authentic natural mattresses are made of a mixture of layers of organic cotton and/or organic and chemical free wool, along with natural latex, which is sustainably harvested from rubber trees in Malaysia or Sri Lanka. All raw materials must be grown and sourced naturally.
  • Explore the materials – Genuine natural mattresses must be made of natural materials. There should be indicators on the product label or the materials must be disclosed by the seller. If you see any name on the label that is hard to read or pronounce, stay away from that product. Likewise, stay away from mattresses that contain boric acid, PVC, flame retardants, polyurethane, and formaldehyde. Real mattresses require only a few organic and natural materials to manufacture.
  • Take a look at the price – An authentic natural mattress will always be more expensive than your regular mattress, but they are always worth the investment when you think about their long-term benefits to your health and well-being. Some reputable retailers offer financing to make it easier for you to afford a new and healthier genuine organic mattress.
  • Buy only from a reputable store – You can be more confident in the authenticity of your purchase when you get the natural mattress from a store that is proven and reputed to sell genuine mattresses. Look for certifications from Green America, a membership at the Organic Trade Association, and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.