How to Choose the Best Organic Baby Mattress for Your Kid

The products you buy for your baby must always be safe, and that is why it makes sense to buy them an organic mattress. Your child deserves only the best organic and natural materials to keep him healthy. Conventional baby mattresses are manufactured with toxic flame retardants and other harmful chemicals that may off-gas, inhaled, and become absorbed by the skin, leading to health problems like respiratory problems, allergies, reduced IQ, hormonal issues, poor immune system, behavioral disorders, and cancer. With an organic baby mattress, you can be sure that your baby will sleep on a healthier and safer surface. Here are tips to choose the best organic mattress for your child:

  • Check what it is made of – The best organic baby mattress is made of fine natural latex with a 95-D firmness, which is also known as ‘extra firm.’ Look for a mattress that has an organic cotton top layer andorganic and chemical free Wool underneath.
  • Look for organic wool – Organic Wool is high-quality all-American natural wool from Northern California and Oregon, and it is naturally flame retardant. Organic wool is washed only with clean water and vegetable-based soaps to prevent loss of lanolin, the natural dust mite repellent of the material. Organic wool is hypoallergenic, too. Allergies to wool are caused by the harsh chemicals and toxins that are used when manufacturing the material. You do not have to worry about that with organic wool because it is free of toxic and harmful chemicals.
  • Determine the coil count – Baby mattresses must be firm to prevent suffocation and to provide support for your baby’s body, especially if he sleeps on his stomach. When going for an innerspring baby mattress, make sure that it has a 260 coil count and a standard border wire.
  • Look for certifications – Authentic organic baby mattresses are made with organic cotton, which meets the strict USDA’s National Organic Program’s standards. Make sure that the retailer is a Gold certified business of Green America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Buy from a reputable store – Buy an organic baby mattress from a store that is a member of the Organic Trade Association. Some reputable retailers offer financing options and a free gift when you buy a mattress from them.