How an Organic Mattress Can Help alleviate your Back Ache

We can make most any mattress any firmness.

Do you wake up feeling achy and tired in the morning? Your mattress might be to blame for your constant back aches, as well as your stiff neck and painful shoulders. Treat yourself and upgrade to the Ferrari of mattresses—an organic mattress. Once you have tried sleeping on an organic mattress, you may never go back to a conventional one.

Yes—It’s Worth It

Your mattress might be the reason why you can’t seem to get continuous sleep and always wake up with sore spots and lower back pain. You might think the pain will go away, but it probably won’t. It might even worsen. Here’s a fact: If your bed is giving you aches and pains, you don’t have to make do with it. You can end your suffering and switch to an organic option. Switching to an organic twin mattress can drastically improve the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life overall.

Many people who have decided to invest in an organic mattresses sleep soundly, without interruption and discomfort. They are able to enjoy a full 7 to 8 hours of slumber (even more) and get up in the morning feeling energetic and ache-free. Why? Because the materials used in organic mattresses—including organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton—naturally support the body and follow its shape and contours. When you move, your organic mattress recovers quickly to support your back and other parts if your body. You sleep soundly and wake up without sore spots.

Reputable manufacturers of organic mattresses offer different firmness levels for different preferences. You will surely find one to fit your sleeping profile and weight. You can order an organic mattress that is very firm, medium, or very soft, and you shouldn’t have problems finding the perfect match that makes you super comfortable.

Some of the best-selling organic mattresses in the market today use layers of the finest organic cotton padding to provide a consistently supportive sleeping surface. The organic cotton is tufted and pre-compressed to prevent any lumping and shifting. The inner pads are manually hand tufted to provide exceptional back support.

Unlike synthetic foam mattresses, an organic mattress is also designed to ‘breathe.’ This ultimately prevents moisture absorption and buildup while promoting air circulation around the mattress. Your body temperature is regulated as you sleep, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling too hot (or too cold). And because the organic materials used in the mattress naturally resist mold growth and are naturally fire retardant, you never have to worry about allergies or compromising your immune system.

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