How a Natural Latex Mattress Is Made

When deciding to buy a natural organic latex mattress, it is important to know exactly what you are planning to purchase. Some manufacturers may claim their latex mattresses to be all natural and organic, but how do you know if you should believe them? The answer lies in their manufacturing methods and the type of latex that is used in their mattress. Knowing how the mattress was made will enable you to make a more informed buying decision. Here is a rundown of how an authentic natural latex mattress is made:

  • Natural latex comes from rubber trees. The latex is carefully harvested by tapping the sap of the rubber tree before being whipped and transformed into latex foam. This is a sustainable way of producing organic rubber.
  • Sap from rubber trees in Malaysia and Sri Lanka are among the highest-quality, and it can be collected from trees up to 180 days each year, with the trees capable of healing within an hour. A 100 percent latex can last for more than 20 years without deteriorating.
  • Look for 100 percent organic cotton.. Latex mattresses contain only natural materials, such as organic cotton and natural wool. All components should be untreated with harsh chemicals. Some of the best organic cottons are milled in South Carolina and incorporated into latex mattresses as the top layer or ticking, or as side layers.