Guidelines to Buying an Organic Wool Mattress Pillowtop


Placing an organic wool mattress Pillowtop over your organic mattress will help protect your investment and ensure a more comfortable sleeping surface. Ideally, the mattress topper must be hypoallergenic and help deter allergens and bugs from accumulating or breeding on your bed.Organic wool is a great material if you want a comfortable and lofty feel to the mattress topper, with natural properties that help prevent allergies and itching. It helps keep your body cool in the summer and warm in the winter, too. Many mattress toppers may claim to be made of organic wool, but certain features will help you verify if they are authentic. Refer to these guidelines to buy an authentic organic wool mattress Pillowtop:

  • Look for an established and reputable retailer of organic mattresses and bedding – Trusted retailers give you the confidence in the products they carry by ensuring that each product is certified organic and manufactured to trusted standards like GOTS, GOLS, and the National Organic Program of the USDA. The retailers themselves are certified Green America businesses and members of the Organic Trade Association.
  • Find out what the mattress topper is made of – An organic wool mattress pillowtop can come with Eco Wool from Northwest Oregon and California. The material is a natural fire retardant and that eliminates the need to treat the product with chemical flame retardants.