Guidelines To Buy The Best Comfortable Organic Cotton Pillow Out There On The Market Today

If you find yourself waking up with a stiff neck, a dull feeling on the back of your head, and aching shoulders, consider changing to a better and healthier organic pillow.  Unlike regular pillows with synthetic filling, an organic pillow is made of organic or natural materials such as natural latex, kapok, and wool. An organic cotton pillow is hypoallergenic and will make you feel like your head is on a cloud. Here is a quick guide to help you pick and buy the best comfortable organic pillows from a reputable retailer:

Organic Cotton Pillow
  • Choose natural Dunlop contour latex pillows over memory foam – Natural latex pillows are like memory foam without the synthetic and toxic substances. They are more durable and resistant to dust mites, too. Moreover, they allow air to circulate, so the material does not run hot or cold and it will not retain moisture. The kidney bean design and the material easily conform to the shape of your head, shoulders, and neck to provide enough support.
  • Take note of the alternatives to conventional pillows – An organic cotton pillow can be a good substitute to luxuriously soft and commercially pillows that are made of synthetic fibers, and kapok is an excellent alternative to down pillows. These pillows are healthier as they are free of toxic substances that could off-gas and increase your risk of developing cancer, respiratory ailments, fertility problems, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders, and other health problems. Kapok will not leave you sneezing if you want the sensation of down pillows without the goose feathers.
  • About natural wool pillows – Wool is naturally flame retardant and wicks away moisture. An organic pillow that is made of natural wool can easily be customized with an extra fill if you are a back sleeper or a regular fill if you sleep on your side. Consider a light fill if you are a stomach sleeper or a child.