Guide on How to Select Organic Wool Pillows for the Bedroom

Buying organic wool pillows for your bedroom is a good decision that can change the way you wake up in the morning and the way you maintain your health. They are better alternatives to conventional pillows that are made of synthetic fibers and may contain harmful chemicals. These pillows are designed to eliminate stiff neck and aching shoulders to ensure a comfortable sleep. But despite their popularity, you must be careful to ensure that you are buying organic wool pillows for your bedroom. Here is a guide on selecting the right organic wool pillows:

  • Learn how it is made – Organic wool is a textile that comes from sheep that is free to roam and eats organic food. The sheep are never treated with hormones or genetically engineered, and their wool is not treated with synthetic pesticides. Likewise, responsible shepherds take care of their sheep by ensuring their health and by practicing good management, while complying with federal requirements and the standards of the Organic Trade Association. Some of the highest-quality organic wool comes from the US and labeled, ‘Pure Eco Wool’.
  • Find out how the wool is treated – Organic wool pillows are not bleached, dyed, or treated with chemicals to be flame retardant and repel dust mites. They repel bugs and remain flame retardant naturally with organic wool’s natural ingredient known as ‘lanolin’. Most people experience allergies from wool due to the toxic and harmful substances that are added to them. These chemicals strip away lanolin from the material, too. Real organic wool is washed and processed only in hot water and cleansed with vegetable-based soaps.
  • Make sure it is certified organic – Buy organic wool pillows only from a reputable retailer that can guarantee the authenticity of their products. Consider buying from a store that is a member of the Organic Trade Association and certified business by Green America.
  • Examine the outer cover – Organic wool pillows must come with a certified organic cotton envelope. Avoid being misled by GOTS’ latest claims that organic cotton can be a blend of 30 percent recycled and synthetic fibers and 70 percent organic cotton. Make sure you read the label to verify the pillow’s contents.