Guide on How to Select Organic Cotton Pillows for The Bedroom


Organic pillows make sense if you have recently invested in an organic mattress, and you have a lot of choices when it comes to them. Organic Cotton pillows are some of the best pillows for a comfortable and restful slumber, especially if you want to stay away from synthetic fibers, which may contain harmful chemicals that can make you sick. They are designed to help you wake up without sore shoulders and a stiff neck, so you can start your day feeling refreshed and in a good mood. There may be a lot of wool pillows labeled ‘organic’, but you should be careful and make sure that you are buying authentic products. Hence, follow this guide on selecting authentic organic Cotton pillows:

  • Learn about the material – Organic cotton is a fabric that comes from farms dedicated to growing the best cotton in the world. The textile is made following the Organic Trade Association’s standards and federal requirements. High-quality organic cotton used in some of the pillows is made in the USA.
  • Find out how the pillows were manufactured – Authentic organic cotton pillows do not contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, and flame retardants. Keep in mind that organic cotton is naturally flame retardant and insect repellent, Some people who think they are allergic to cotton are actually allergic to the harmful and toxic substances in other types of cotton,
  • What kind of sleeper are you? – Organic cotton pillows can be customized for different types of sleepers. They can have an extra fill for back sleepers, a light fill for stomach sleepers, or a regular fill for side sleepers.