What is good Sleep Worth? A great organic mattress.


More than $300.00   In a recent survey of Americans, a poll of 2,000 adults conducted by One Poll on behalf of sleep supplement brand zzzquill found that respondents, on average, would pay $307.11 for a single perfect night’s sleep. , according to a May 3 article posted on the good news Network website. And, the survey found, to be able to have an entire year of perfect sleep, people are willing to give up many of their treats, habits and  activities:

Alcohol  34%

Reality TV.  33%

Sports  26%

Social Media  26%

Coffee  25%

Eating out  24%

Chocolate  24%

Vacation 22%

Makeup  21%

New Clothes  21%

Hair Removal  18%

Cell Phone  18%

Now go take a nap and tonight sleep on one of our Organic Mattress, and sleep great. And besides that, don’t give up one thing in the list above. Life is too short to give up this and give up that.

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