Good Reasons to Buy Organic Bed Mattress

An organic mattress can change the way you sleep. Organic mattresses are known to be naturally and organically processed without chemicals and synthetic materials, and comply with known and reputable organic standards. If you are thinking of getting a new mattress, here are five reasons why you should consider going organic.

  1. It’s chemical-free.

Organic mattresses are made of organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool—and all of these are naturally grown and sourced without the use of chemicals and synthetic products. Wool has natural fire retardant properties, so the organic mattress does not need to be treated with harmful flame retardant chemicals.

  1. It’s comfortable.

An organic bed mattress that is made of organic latex can regulate your body temperature, so it is neither too warm nor too cold while you are in bed. The organic materials can naturally wick moisture away, so you can stay warm in winter and cool during summer. The comfort results from lower humidity, which leads to a calmer heart rate and optimal skin temperature that allows you to sleep better.

  1. It’s hypoallergenic.
    Organic cotton, wool, and latex are recommended if you are prone to allergies or have respiratory problems, which can be triggered by harmful pesticides and chemical toxins from conventionally manufactured mattresses.
  2. It’s environmentally friendly

Organic mattresses are sustainable and biodegradable, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and help save the earth. Organic latex is sustainable as the sap from the rubber tree is safely sourced using the tapping method, which helps the bark of the tree heal faster. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and harmful pesticides, while organic wool comes from sheep that is allowed to roam free and eat healthy and pesticide-free food.

  1. It’s durable
    Finally, organic bed mattresses are highly durable. Organic latex lasts longer than synthetic materials. The quality does not deteriorate as quickly as synthetic mattresses. Wool is naturally elastic, so it resists tearing and compression.