Give Your House an Urban Look

Hows this for Urban?

Urban lofts and dwellings are becoming popular due to their minimalist, functional style. The urban loft style first became prominent in Europe when artists transformed old and abandoned warehouses and factories into dwellings so they can have space to showcase larger than life artwork. Today, urban loft style is being adopted by many home designers and home owners, showcasing wide, open floor plans, overlooking views of cities, exposed finishes, and a unique mix of function and comfort. The whole point of urban loft style is transforming a cold, lifeless space into a warm, cozy abode.

Minimalist, modular furniture, modern layouts, and functional, artistic elements are the makings of a beautiful urban loft. Urban lofts are not afraid of modern approaches and new innovations. This kind of home styling also upholds renewability, which is most urban lofts commonly make use of organic furniture and materials, which not only gives the space the modern appearance it needs, but also helps sustain health and the environment.

Urban styles are all about exposed finishes and materials, such as exposed bricks, concrete, and wood beams. Incorporating rustic elements is also a good way to warm up the otherwise cold and lifeless space. To add a rustic appeal to the overall contemporary style of your interiors is a good way to soften the edges of your design, and what better way to do so than incorporating soft textiles and organic mattresses in your ottoman, futon, seating, and sleeping choices.

Organic beddings, natural pillows, sheets, and comforters are the perfect choice for urban setups. Just because organic products are created using the most purist methods and processes doesn’t mean they only come in, clean, white, boring designs. You will be surprised at the kind of choices you have, if you only know where to find high quality organic beddings that come with elegant stitching and designs, minus the potentially toxic dyes commonly used in traditional beddings.

Organic products are the best complimentary design elements you can use to put your urban loft together. The best organic mattress stores and suppliers can provide you with a wide selection of products to complete your home’s urban style, ranging from organic mattresses to pillows and sheets, comforters, blankets, towels, and even pet beds and carpets. To aim for that urban appearance is easy when you know where to source products that will best complete the design you want.

About the Author:

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