Getting Proper Sleep

We all know getting the best sleep is vital. So we search for the perfect mattress. We end up at showrooms looking at conventional mattresses , then we look at organic. We notice conventional means just that. Synthetic cotton fabric, chemical fire retardants, memory foam, etc etc. Then we notice organic mattresses and find organic cotton fabric, natural/organic fire retardants and natural latex. So whats missing. We dont know. Having been in the business for 18 yrs. now we see 95% of people still buying synthetic and the rest organic. But we also found the 5% come back again, over and over for this other house in the Poconos, or down the shore, or the kids moving up from a twin to a full, etc. Besides all that now we see people using CBD oils to sleep. We cant figure it out, but i guess there synthetic mattress is just not working. We dont use the stuff or plan too, or any of our customers we talk to. So do yourself a favor, and get a good nites sleep without the synthetic blob under you, and a hit of CBD oil inside you. Get back to the original way of sleeping, and forget about getting drug into all this other stuff that we think you dont need. 1-484-851-3636