Get the Best Deals on Natural Rubber Mattresses

Conventional mattresses can make your bedroom a toxic hell over time. The chemicals used to manufacture your non-organic mattress may break down and exhaust off toxic elements that may contribute to the development of certain unhealthy conditions. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives to chemically doused mattresses. Many health professionals support the use of organic beds, advising shoppers to look further than comfort and firmness when buying their mattresses. Safety should likewise be an important consideration if you want to get the best deal (money and health–wise) on your mattress purchase. Here are some things you should remember when shopping for natural mattresses:

  • Look beyond the covers – When shopping for organic mattresses, make sure that certifications and standards not only apply to the mattress cover, but to all the mattress layers. Some manufacturers promote their product as organic even though only some components of the mattress pass organic standards. Don’t be afraid to ask for the purity of the mattress you are buying as well as the raw materials and the additives it includes.
  • Research materials – Know the types of materials that are safe and are most commonly used for organic mattresses. Avoid conventional materials like formaldehyde, chemical-based flame retardants, anti-fungicides, pesticide-treated fibers and cottons, and other harsh substances. Skip poly urethane foams, which are often used in memory foam mattresses. These may contain carcinogens, and look instead for mattresses that include naturally derived ingredients like organic cotton, natural latex, , and similar organic materials that are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to pests and mold or bacteria growth.
  • Don’t rush your decision – Take your time looking around and seek out reliable suppliers and manufacturers that can provide you with high quality materials that follow the strictest organic and sustainability standards.
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